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Howard The Duck (3CD) (John Barry)

57.95 EUR  
  Howard The Duck - John Barry / Sylvester Levay - soundtrack (3CD)

John Barry

  Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 426 | Format CD | Year 1986

Hugely expanded 3-CD release of action-packed John Barry score to early Marvel Superhero film! When John Barry scored 1986's Howard The Duck, he recorded vibrant music replete with action-packed battles and heroics, hauntingly beautiful love themes and a plethora of James Bond-ish orchestral dazzle dazzle. Barry even recorded strikingly different versions of several cues to accommodate numerous editorial changes in the film during post-production. Over 100 minutes of original music in all. A monumental scoring achievement! By the time the finished film made it to theaters in 1986, nearly 20 minutes of the scoring for later scenes had been deleted in favor of additional music scored by Sylvester Levay. Enhancing the overall musical approach to Universal's fantasy vehicle still further were several songs arranged and produced by Thomas Dolby, essential to the antics as they were performed on screen by the all-female rock group Cherry Bomb, the lead singer of which is also the film's star, Lea Thompson, hot off of her flashy turn in Back To The Future. When MCA Records released the soundtrack on vinyl and cassette, they chose just 40 minutes of music, divided roughly in half between songs and score. Intrada now happily presents all of the music John Barry, Sylvester Levay and Thomas Dolby recorded, spread across 3 CDs, most of it being released for the first time! In addition, that original 1986 MCA album also makes its CD premiere! Howard The Duck was created for Marvel Comics by Steve Gerber in 1973. Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas produced with his friends Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz. Heck also scripted and directed. Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins star alongside Howard, who later rose to contemporary CGI fame courtesy Marvel/Disney's Guardians Of The Galaxy films. To present this gargantuan score, all of it in stereo, including all of the alternates and rewrites, Intrada was provided access to the complete session masters for all three musical artists, including 2" 24-track, 1/2" 3-channel and 1/4" 2-track stereo elements preserved in the Universal vaults in beautiful condition. Liner notes are authored by John Barry authority, Jon Burlingame. Kay Marshall fashions the colorful packaging, including two original film artwork campaigns. John Barry conducts his score in June 1986, Dan Wallin records at The Record Plant, Sylvester Levay conducts his score in July 1986, records at 20th Century Fox, Thomas Dolby co-composes, produces and arranges his songs with Allee Willis, George Clinton. Intrada Special Collection 3-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!

- Intrada

  Track listing:

Disc 1
Original Score by JOHN BARRY
01 Lullaby Of Duckland (2:32)
02 Disco Duckland (Original) (0:37)
03 Main Title (2:41)
04 Howard To The Rescue (2:28)
05 Flashback (0:23)
06 Beak Jobs And Tail Tucks (1:15)
07 Special Destiny (0:32)
08 You're The Duckiest (2:09)
09 Taxi Ride (Alternate) (1:00)
10 Taxi Ride (0:54)
11 Man's Oldest Fantasy (0:43)
12 Super Powers (0:43)
13 Ascent Of Duck (1:20)
14 So Long Ducky (0:57)
15 Lonely Duck (1:04)
16 Duck Bond I Presume (1:28)
17 Beddy-Bye For Howard (3:21)
18 Experiment Video (1:09)
19 Experiment Video (Alternate) (1:10)
20 Hard Boiled Egg (1:44)
21 My Eyes, My Eyes (1:00)
22 Take His Clothes Off (0:31)
23 So Long, Copper (0:32)
24 Shoot To Kill (4:14)
25 Shoot To Kill (Alternate) (3:03)
26 Dark Overlord – Introduction (Alternate) (1:42)
27 He's Got A Whole Gang (1:48)
28 Howard's Bar Brawl (1:37)
29 Give Me The Code Key, Howard (1:20)
30 It's Closing Time (1:08)
31 Filthy Scum Bucket (2:16)
32 Ultralight Discovery (0:29)
33 Nuclear Drive (0:36)
34 Ultralight #1 (Alternate) (1:33)
35 Ultralight #1 (1:37)
36 Power! (1:09)
37 Ultralight #2 (2:22)
38 Smog Inspection (0:48)
39 Ultralight #3 (3:38)
40 Jenning As Dark Overlord (7:18)
41 Jenning As Dark Overlord – Part II (0:47)
42 Dr. Jenning (0:17)
43 Dark Overlord (5:25)
44 Fallout (1:27)
45 End Credits – Suite (Version #1) (2:13)
Disc 2
Alternate Score Cues by JOHN BARRY
01 Main Title (Alternate) (2:42)
02 You're The Duckiest (Alternate) (2:07)
03 Man's Oldest Fantasy (Alternate) (0:44)
04 My Eyes, My Eyes (Alternate) (1:01)
05 Ultralight #2 (Alternate) (2:13)
06 Ultralight #3 (Alternate) (3:34)
07 Jenning As Dark Overlord – Part II (Alternate) (0:46)
08 Dark Overlord (Alternate) (5:24)
09 End Credits – Suite (Version #2) (3:25)
Original Rescore by SYLVESTER LEVAY
10 Howard's Bar Brawl (Rescore) (1:31)
11 Shoot To Kill (Rescore) (4:13)
12 I Need Your Body (Rescore) (2:22)
13 Nuclear Drive (Rescore) (0:38)
14 Ultralight #1 (Rescore) (1:45)
15 Power! (Rescore) (1:09)
16 Ultralight #2 (Rescore) (2:34)
17 Ultralight #3 (Rescore) (4:18)
Alternate Rescore Cues by SYLVESTER LEVAY
18 Shoot To Kill (Rescore) (4:12)
19 I Need Your Body (Rescore) (2:22)
20 Nuclear Drive (Rescore) (0:38)
21 Ultralight #1 (Rescore) (1:45)
22 Power! (Rescore) (1:09)
23 Power! (Alternate End) (Rescore) (1:09)
24 Ultralight #2 (Rescore) (2:36)
25 Smog Inspection (Rescore) (0:50)
26 Ultralight #3 (Rescore) (3:30)
Disc 3
Original Songs and Music Produced by THOMAS DOLBY
01 Hunger City – With Extended Intro (Allee Willis/Thomas Dolby) (4:38)
02 Don't Turn Away (Allee Willis/Thomas Dolby) (5:18)
03 I'm On My Way (Trad., Adapted & Arranged by Thomas Dolby) (2:55)
04 It Don't Come Cheap (Allee Willis/Thomas Dolby) (4:47)
05 Beverly's Loft (Howard The Duck – Instrumental) (0:35)
06 Don't Turn Away – Version 2 (Allee Willis/Thomas Dolby) (6:22)
07 Howard The Duck – Extended (Allee Willis/Thomas Dolby/George Clinton) (5:10)
08 Howard The Duck (Alternate) (Allee Willis/Thomas Dolby/George Clinton) (4:53)
Original 1986 Soundtrack Album
09 Hunger City (4:14)
10 Howard The Duck (3:57)
11 Don't Turn Away (5:02)
12 It Don't Come Cheap (4:47)
13 I'm On My Way (2:55)
14 Lullaby Of Duckland (2:27)
15 Journey To Earth (2:40)
16 You're The Duckiest (2:06)
17 Ultralight Flight (2:58)
18 Beddy-Bye For Howard (2:45)
19 Dark Overlord (5:27)
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