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More Than A Miracle / Kenner (3CD) (Piero Piccioni)

36.95 EUR  
  More Than A Miracle / Kenner - Piero Piccioni - soundtrack (3CD)

Piero Piccioni

  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 14, No. 7 | Format CD | Year 1967 / 1969

More Than A Miracle:
C'era una volta...
Felizes Para Sempre (Brazil)
Cinderella: Italian Style (undefined)
Die schöne Isabella (West Germany)
La belle et le cavalier (France)
More Than a Miracle (USA)
Schöne Isabella (West Germany)
Siempre hay una mujer (Spain)

Year of the Cricket (International) (English title)

This 3CD set introduces one of the most distinguished Italian film composers to the Film Score Monthly catalog. Although Piero Piccioni (1921-2004) worked primarily on Italian-made films, the two scores presented here are for films with strong Hollywood connections. Like Lalo Schifrin, Piccioni successfully combined his proclivities for jazz with solid symphonic writing in films of many diverse genres.

Kenner (1969) stars Jim Brown as an American expatriate in Bombay, seeking retribution for the death of a friend at the hands of a ruthless international smuggler. A mix of action-packed adventure, love story, and social commentary, the film stretched boundaries in the late '60s.

Piccioni's score lends the proceedings elegance, charm and emotion. The principal theme—a love theme—is subtly nuanced and richly orchestrated in the classic Hollywood tradition. Several dramatic action cues reflect Piccioni's total familiarity with more contemporary, jazz-based sonorities.

More Than a Miracle (1967) is a fantasy-fable (with Cinderella-like elements) featuring some of the strongest star power then on the screen: Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif. Set in Renaissance Italy, the film pairs a handsome Spanish prince with a feisty Italian peasant girl in a tale that involves the traditional fairy tale quest, witches, curses and even a flying, miracle-working monk, all under the eye of famed Italian director, Francesco Rosi.

Piccioni's delightful, evocative score leaves no (musical) stone unturned in delineating the diverse strands of the film. His theme for the prince is as masculine and charismatic as the character himself, while the exquisitely beautiful love theme (which doubles as a popular song in the "Overture") is a delight in the best tradition of Henry Mancini. There are also evocative themes for the saintly flying monk, the witches, the Spanish soldiers and all the pomp and shenanigans of the royal household.

FSM's comprehensive production of More Than a Miracle includes the original MGM LP album, the complete score as heard in the film, and nearly an hour's worth of alternate and unused cues—all lovingly restored by producer Claudio Fuiano from the original stereo recordings made in Rome. Kenner is also presented complete and in stereo, with alternates included in a bonus section. The 28-page booklet, designed by Joe Sikoryak, features track lists, film stills, composer portraits, publicity art work and a message from the set's producer, as well as a perceptive essay on Piccioni and his work by John Bender. An online track-by-track analysis of both scores will soon be available—absolutely free.

Piero Piccioni was an extraordinary and unique film music voice. With over 80 CDs of his music already available, FSM is pleased to add his name to its growing roster of unforgettable film composers.


  Track listing:

Disc 1
01 Theme from Kenner (Main Title) (01:42)
02 Bombay / A Boy and His Cricket (01:11)
03 Saji Meets Kenner (01:17)
04 Chase (00:54)
05 Kenner Shake (01:38)
06 At the Seamen's Club (02:05)
07 At the Seamen's Club - Part Two (00:52)
08 Saji Remembers His Father (01:43)
09 Drugged / Ambush / Kenner Pursues Saji (03:35)
10 Saji Refuses the New Shoes / Truth About Saji's Father Revealed / Saji Escapes (03:18)
11 Night Ambush and Escape (02:03)
12 Saji and Anasuya Visit Injured Kenner / Conversation / Kenner's Nightmare (02:40)
13 Kenner Wakes Up and Remembers / Nocturne (03:26)
14 Unused Jazz / Anasuya Comes Back Home / A New Day for Kenner (01:17)
15 Happiness (01:07)
16 A Beautiful Day (02:58)
17 Happiness (Reprise) (00:30)
18 Love Scene (05:14)
19 Chase and Death of Anasuya (02:01)
20 Anasuya'a Ashes (00:37)
21 Remembering Anasuya (01:13)
22 Shanghai Café (02:00)
23 Hot Pursuit (04:39)
24 Kenner and Saji Reunited (Finale) / End Title (02:56)
Bonus tracks
25 Love Theme (Introduction) (00:23)
26 Indian Music (Sitar) (00:26)
27 Love Theme (01:43)
28 Kenner Shake (long version) (02:47)
29 Chase and Death of Anasuya (alternate version) (01:59)
30 At the Seamen's Club (alternate version) (02:05)
31 At the Seamen's Club (alternate mix) (00:51)
32 Love Theme (01:02)
Disc 2
The Soundtrack Album
01 "More Than a Miracle" (02:03)
02 Prince Rodrigo (02:03)
03 Brother Joseph (01:52)
04 Isabella and Rodrigo (02:25)
05 Rodrigo Leaves the Monastery (01:51)
06 The Chef (01:55)
07 Isabella in the Barrel (05:00)
08 Isabella and Rodrigo in the Pantry (02:07)
09 The Tournament (02:08)
10 The Eggs are Bewitched (01:52)
11 The Contest (01:11)
12 Brother Joseph Comforts Isabella (01:46)
13 End Title "More Than a Miracle" (05:17)
The Film Score
14 Main Titles (Prince Rodrigo Theme) (02:02)
15 Rodrigo Lost in the Cornfields / Rodrigo Sees Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk (03:56)
16 Rodrigo Leaves the Monastery (02:43)
17 Rodrigo and Isabella's First Meeting (04:27)
18 Rodrigo Rides a Horse / A New Love's Birth (02:26)
19 Rodrigo Courts Isabella (01:43)
20 Isabella's Sadness / In the Witches' Realm (02:34)
21 Spanish Soldiers' Arrival / Prince Rodrigo's Cavalcade Arrives / First Kiss / Isabella's Revelation and Punishment (06:45)
22 Prince Rodrigo Returns to the Castle / Isabella Locked Up in a Barrel / The Barrel Ends Up in the Sea / Isabella Wakes Up (03:52)
23 The Tournament / Prince Rodrigo's Victory (04:00)
24 The Chef / The Eggs are Bewitched / The Castle (02:20)
25 The Seven Princesses / The Chef (Part 2) (01:20)
26 Birth of the Chicks / The Chef (Part 3) / Invasion of the Chicks (03:35)
27 Isabella Sees Prince Rodrigo's Portrait / Prince Rodrigo Searches for Brother Joseph / Brother Joseph's Funeral (03:37)
28 Prince Rodrigo Returns to the Palace (01:57)
Disc 3
01 Prince Rodrigo Finds Isabella / The Kiss (04:17)
02 The Seven Princesses / The Dishwashing Contest / Isabella Loses the Contest / Despaired Isabella Escapes (05:42)
03 Brother Joseph Appears to Isabella on the Beach / Brother Joseph Conforts Isabella (02:34)
04 Folk Dance (In the Caste Gardens) (01:22)
05 Isabella Discovers the Trick / The Truth Revealed / Isabella, the New Princess / Love Triumphs and Finale (06:13)
Bonus tracks
06 Prince Rodrigo Theme (02:59)
07 Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk (alternate) (01:52)
08 Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme) (02:19)
09 Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme) (01:09)
10 Rodrigo Rides a Horse (alternates) (02:25)
11 Prince Rodrigo Courts Isabella (alternate) (01:16)
12 The Seven Princesses (01:05)
13 Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk (00:51)
14 Invasion of the Chicks (01:06)
15 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:04)
16 Prince Rodrigo Theme (wild) (01:06)
17 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:09)
18 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:04)
19 Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme) (02:03)
20 Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk (02:36)
21 Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme) (00:52)
22 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:10)
23 Prince Rodrigo Theme (00:53)
24 Invasion of the Chicks (alternate) (01:06)
25 Birth of the Chicks (01:37)
26 The Witches (01:04)
27 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:49)
28 Prince Rodrigo Theme (02:23)
29 Prince Rodrigo Theme (02:12)
30 Prince Rodrigo Theme (02:14)
31 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:21)
32 Prince Rodrigo Theme (00:50)
33 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:13)
34 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:13)
35 Prince Rodrigo Theme (00:51)
36 Prince Rodrigo Theme / Love Theme (01:50)
37 Prince Rodrigo Theme / Love Theme (01:52)
38 Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme) (02:03)
39 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:51)
40 Prince Rodrigo Theme (01:52)
41 Prince Rodrigo Theme (Main Title) (02:05)
42 1967 Recording Session (01:42)
Song: "More Than a Miracle" performed by Roger Williams
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