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I Mongoli (2CD) (Mario Nascimbene)

21.95 EUR  
  I Mongoli - Mario Nascimbene - soundtrack (2CD)

Mario Nascimbene

  Digitmovies CDDM247 | Format CD | Year 1961

Bogotai - O Bárbaro Mongol (Brazil)
Os Mongois (Brazil)
Os Mongóis (Brazil)
Los mongoles (Spain)
Les Mongols (France)
The Mongols (USA)
Brut des Bösen (West Germany) (reissue title)
Raubzüge der Mongolen (West Germany)
Schreckensreiter der Mongolenwölfe (West Germany) (reissue title)

Digitmovies, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of composer Mario Nascimbene, is pleased to publish for the first time on double CD, complete and in full stereo the OST for the epic film "The Mongols" directed in 1961 by André De Toth and starring Jack Palance, Anita Ekberg, Antonella Lualdi, Franco Silva, Roldano Lupi, Pierre Cressoy, Gianni Garko, Gabriella Pallotta, Gabriele Antonini, George Wang, Lawrence Montaigne, Mario Colli. While the army of the Mongols, commanded by Genghis Khan (Wolves), puts pressure on Europe, a diet is urgently convened in Warsaw is urgently convened a diet to lay down the principles to recognise the invaders possession of the lands already conquered, provided that they withdraw their proposition to invade other lands. The task of dealing with the enemy is entrusted to Stephen of Krakow (Silva). Ogotai (Palance), the son of Genghis Khan, rejects any peace proposal, his counseller, the beautiful and ruthless Huluna (Ekberg), tries to kill Stephen. Having escaped the attack, the prince of Krakow decides to go alone to the search field of Genghis Khan. Wounded and hungry, Stephen wanders the Mongolian territories, as long as there is the presence of the emperor. Genghis Khan is willing to negotiate peace, but the son Ogotai, determined to conquer the whole of Europe, kills him. It's war! Stephen has nothing left to do but to attract the Mongols into a trap. Mario Nascimbene wrote one of the most impressive comments of his long and successful career, entrusted with the execution of a full symphony orchestra and choir under the expert direction of Franco Ferrara. At the time, Maestro Nascimbene selected material in stereo for a possible 33 turns (18 tracks with a duration of about 35 minutes) that never saw the light. For our double CD, we had access to the master tapes in full stereo original recording session, which allowed us to use every note recorded, with a total of 120 minutes. As the author says in his official autobiography "Mario Nascimbene, Musicista malgré moi" published in 1992, as the introduction of new and special oriental sounds, Nascimbene and Ferrara attended supermarkets trying for a certain period, in the departments dishes, all pots and pans with different shades (to the amazement of the housewives who did not understand what they were doing those two distinguished gentlemen, in an area strictly for housewives) that would be used as an instrument in the orchestra. The end result is quite charming and these pots, organically integrated, create a truly exotic atmosphere. The author alternates between a heroic main theme music from a violent battle, and romantic themes in court ballets. A must rescue from the musical art of the great Mario Nascimbene.

- Digitmovies

  Track listing:

Disc 1
01 I MONGOLI (seq.1 - Titoli) 2:15
02 I MONGOLI (seq.2) 3:11
03 I MONGOLI (seq.3) 6:21
04 I MONGOLI (seq.4) 1:04
05 I MONGOLI (seq.5) 1:27
06 I MONGOLI (seq.6) 5:19
07 I MONGOLI (seq.7 - danza) 6:30
08 I MONGOLI (seq.8) 3:25
09 I MONGOLI (seq.9) 2:11
10 I MONGOLI (seq.10) 6:35
11 I MONGOLI (seq.11) 5:21
12 I MONGOLI (seq.12) 3:47
13 I MONGOLI (seq.13) 2:19
14 I MONGOLI (seq.14) 1:35
15 I MONGOLI (seq.15) 1:13
16 I MONGOLI (seq.16) 2:49
17 I MONGOLI (seq.17) 2:27
18 I MONGOLI (seq.18) 3:34
Disc 2
01 I MONGOLI (seq.19) 3:27
02 I MONGOLI (seq.20) 3:20
03 I MONGOLI (seq.21) 4:22
04 I MONGOLI (seq.22) 7:58
05 I MONGOLI (seq.23) 5:11
06 I MONGOLI (seq.24) 2:23
07 I MONGOLI (seq.25) 1:43
08 I MONGOLI (seq.26) 1:54
09 I MONGOLI (seq.27) 4:02
10 I MONGOLI (seq.28) 1:41
11 I MONGOLI (seq.29) 3:21
12 I MONGOLI (seq.30) 2:17
13 I MONGOLI (seq.31) 1:15
14 I MONGOLI (seq.32) 2:08
15 I MONGOLI (seq.33) 3:40
16 I MONGOLI (seq.34 - Finale with choir) 1:10
bonus tracks
17 I MONGOLI (seq.7 - danza alt.take no choir) 6:26
18 I MONGOLI (seq.34 - Finale alt. Take no choir) 1:10
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