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Dr. Kildare (3CD) (Jerry Goldsmith)

49.95 EUR  
  Dr. Kildare - Jerry Goldsmith / Harry Sukman / Morton Stevens / Burt Bacharach / Lalo Schifrin / John Green / Bronislau Kaper / Alexander Courage / Richard Markowitz - soundtrack (3CD)

Jerry Goldsmith

  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 12 No. 6 | Format CD | Year 1961 - 1966

"Dr. Kildare" (West Germany)
"Doctor Kildare, El" (Spain)
"Jeune docteur Kildare, Le" (France)

Limited edition of 3000 copies.

FSM presents a piece of television history: the first-ever soundtrack album to Dr. Kildare, the hugely successful 1961–1966 TV series starring Richard Chamberlain and the grandfather of the modern medical drama. For film music fans, Dr. Kildare is significant as the first major success for young Jerry (or Jerrald, as he was initially billed) Goldsmith, whose series theme ("Three Stars Will Shine Tonight") became a beloved piece of Americana and, to this day, his highest-charting pop hit.

FSM and album producer Jon Burlingame (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) have poured through the music recordings to all five years of the show (and beyond) to present the definitive Dr. Kildare soundtrack—including Goldsmith's series theme as recorded for the pilot, all five seasons, and MGM Records with vocal by Richard Chamberlain.

Dr. Kildare was produced by M-G-M and Norman Felton's Arena Productions (whose long association with Goldsmith would include the themes to Cain's Hundred, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Jericho and Hawkins) and starred Chamberlain as the title character and Raymond Massey as his crusty mentor, Dr. Gillespie. Goldsmith scored the series pilot and four additional episodes which are featured on disc one of this 3CD set. In addition to the warm, reverent theme, Goldsmith's scores sparkle with the economy, melody and invention that characterize his television scores and revolutionary film work of the 1960s.

After Goldsmith left the series, the regular composer became Harry Sukman, a film and television veteran who had recently won an Oscar for adapting Franz Liszt's music for Song Without End. Disc two features, in addition to a few additional Goldsmith tracks and one episode score by Richard Markowitz (The Wild Wild West), Sukman's best scores for the balance of season one and season two. Sukman typically wrote a new theme for each episode, and his efforts range from sympathetic to jazzy to suspenseful, depending on the weekly storyline and guest characters.

Disc three kicks off with the popular song of Goldsmith's theme, "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight," performed by Richard Chamberlain, who parlayed his TV stardom into a recording career in large part due to this hit, and musical highlights from seasons three, four and five. These include Sukman's surf-guitar gem for the series' most popular episode, the two-part "Tyger, Tyger" guest-starring Yvette Mimieux as an epileptic surfer and Kildare's love interest; dynamic music by Morton Stevens (Hawaii Five-0) to several episodes, including the three-part "Rome Will Never Leave You" interpolating a specially composed love theme by Burt Bacharach; Lalo Schifrin's jazzy scoring for a fifth-season, four-part storyline; and rare TV work by John Green recalling his famous Raintree County. The collection concludes with a surprising discovery from the studio vaults: Bronislau Kaper's rhapsodic theme to The Power and the Prize (1956) reused as the theme to the unaired 1960 M-G-M Dr. Kildare pilot (pre-Richard Chamberlain's casting), with scoring by Alexander Courage based on Kaper's theme.

The entire collection is in the best-possible monaural sound, with a bonus of the Kaper/Courage score presented in true stereo. The 32-page booklet features authoritative liner notes by Jon Burlingame (including biographical sketches of the composers), copious stills and rare artwork. The doctor is in!


  Track listing:

Disc 1
Music composed and conducted by Jerrald Goldsmith
01 First Season End Title (01:02)
02 Morning Call/Main Title (02:43)
03 Emmy's Assignment/Preparations (03:59)
04 The Failure/The Date/Coffee Break (02:16)
05 The Church/Foolish Man (02:38)
06 The Invitation/Late Date/Emergency Treatment (02:35)
07 Check Up/The Lake (02:11)
08 Special Delivery (01:22)
09 The Motel/Discovery (04:15)
10 The Accident/The Mainline/The Fix (04:21)
11 Junk Fever/The Neighbors (04:15)
12 Martha Pleads (01:17)
13 Overdose/The Future/New Patients (02:42)
14 The Prince and the Pauper/Main Title (02:20)
15 Top of the Morning/The Probe/Interrogation/Diagnosis (02:42)
16 Father Is a Drunk/The Newspaper/Final Edition (03:15)
17 The Visitors (01:22)
18 Henry's Report/Wolski Fades (01:44)
19 Ania's Story (03:00)
20 Ania's Story, End/Dinner Date (02:14)
21 Early Curtain/Julie's Symptoms (02:35)
22 No Parking/Family History/Julie's Got It/Julie's Helper/Off to Artie's (02:54)
23 Julie's Realization (02:38)
24 The Artisan/The Flowers (02:50)
25 Free Advice/Goodnight Julie (03:49)
26 Kathy Arrives/The Group (01:36)
27 Morning Gossip/The Lion's Roar (01:55)
28 A Different Kind of Man/No Future (02:20)
29 Playmates/A Kiss in the Moonlight/The Letter/Split Up/Poor Kathy (02:57)
30 New Plans/Pretty Flower/A Little Shakespeare (01:44)
Disc 2
Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Harry Sukman and Richard Markowitz
01 End Title, pilot (01:16)
02 Wild Cues & Bumper (02:05)
03 Medley: Act Opens (01:31)
Jerry Goldsmith
04 Hit and Run (07:21)
05 Johnny Temple (06:26)
06 My Brother, the Doctor (07:08)
07 The Administrator (04:10)
08 Oh My Daughter (06:01)
Harry Sukman
09 The Search (04:21)
Richard Markowitz
10 The Horn of Plenty (08:28)
Harry Sukman
11 Second Season End Title (01:02)
Jerry Goldsmith
12 The Soul Killer (03:43)
13 Good Luck Charm (07:11)
14 Dark Side of the Mirror (05:15)
15 The Gift of the Koodkanuk (05:29)
16 What's God to Julius? (06:32)
Harry Sukman
Disc 3
Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Harry Sukman, Morton Stevens, Burt Bacharach, Lalo Schifrin, John Green, Bronislau Kaper and Alexander Courage
01 Three Stars Will Shine Tonight (02:39)
Sung by Richard Chamberlain
02 Third Season End Title (01:02)
Jerry Goldsmith
03 The Exploiters (03:24)
04 Tyger, Tyger (04:05)
05 Tyger, Tyger, Part 2 (02:50)
06 Tyger, Tyger, Part 3 (03:49)
07 Tyger, Tyger, Part 4 (05:51)
Harry Sukman
08 Night of the Beast (03:25)
09 Mulligan Stew (01:45)
Morton Stevens
10 Fourth Season End Title (00:50)
Jerry Goldsmith
11 Maybe Love Will Save My Apartment House (05:18)
12 Ellen's Party (02:38)
Morton Stevens
13 What's Different About Today? (06:00)
Harry Sukman
14 Rome Will Never Leave You (04:57)
15 Rome Will Never Leave You, parts II and III (04:20)
Burt Bacharach / Morton Stevens
16 Fifth Season End Title (00:44)
Jerry Goldsmith
17 The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee (03:11)
18 Beat's Beat (03:00)
19 Soul Source (03:42)
Lalo Schifrin
20 New Doctor in Town (02:41)
21 Reckoning (03:09)
John Green
22 Dr. Kildare (1960) Main Title (01:14)
23 Dr. Kildare (1960), part 2 (03:44)
24 Dr. Kildare (1960), part 3 (02:15)
25 Dr. Kildare (1960), End Credits (00:40)
Bronislau Kaper / Alexander Courage
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