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Dick Tracy (2CD) (Danny Elfman)

47.95 EUR  
  Dick Tracy - Danny Elfman - soundtrack (2CD)

Danny Elfman

  Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 363 | Format CD | Jahr 1990

Danny Elfman's exciting, tuneful score for Warren Beatty big-budget filming of comic strip hero Dick Tracy gets the royal 2-CD treatment! Beatty also stars, with support from mega-cast including Madonna, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, James Caan, many others. Legendary cameraman Vittorio Storaro shoots in bright comic colors, equally famed production designer Richard Sylbert realizes vivid art deco cityscape, Disney's Buena Vista effects team creates fantastic matte paintings, other visuals. Add incredible makeup for wide array of monstrous villains and Chester Gould's police detective rises from comic strip to real life on the big screen, earning three Academy Awards in the transition! Danny Elfman anchors with period New York vibe, then creates dynamic, sizzling orchestral action music with aggressive overtones plus gorgeous seductive theme for "Breathless" Mahoney (Madonna). Unusual scoring assignment has Elfman writing his music with numerous ideas designed to play into, out from and circle around many Stephen Sondheim songs (issued at time of movie's release and not available for this edition) while maintaining thematic structure of its own. Elfman succeeds! Even in brief, cues are dazzling, fully-realized miniatures! Main Dick Tracy theme is martial and righteous, romantic ideas are sumptuous and harmonically fluid. Robust and ravishing from start to finish! 1990 album offered just 35 minutes of score with creative edits and assemblies within each sequence. However, Elfman wrote and recorded over 100 minutes of music, including several alternates plus versions not heard in the film. Some of these alternates boast strikingly different ideas, others are more nuanced. At request of composer, Intrada presents original 1990 score album intact from digital album master, then features unedited cues as scored in picture sequence plus treasure trove of additional material. Elfman fans should be delirious! To prepare all the new material for this lavish 2-CD set, Intrada engaged original scoring engineer Dennis Sands to create brand new 2016 state-of-the-art stereo mixes from Disney's 32-track digital session masters. Hear stunning array of new details! Fascinating to enjoy Elfman's original album (a masterful presentation itself) then hear unedited versions of the cues with all-new clarity following their original 1990 mixes. All those additional cues and alternates are even more icing on the cake. Notes by Jeff Bond, rich graphic design by Kay Marshall, Joe Sikoryak with flipper-style cover art enhance this fabulous package. Early-ish Danny Elfman at his rousing, symphonic best! Steve Bartek, Jack Hayes headline orchestrators, Shirley Walker conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD release available while supplies and interest remain!

- Intrada


Disc 1
1990 Original Score Album
01 Main Title (3:36)
02 After The "Kid" (1:45)
03 Crime Spree (1:54)
04 Breathless' Theme (2:14)
05 Big Boy/Bad Boys (2:11)
06 Tess' Theme (1:13)
07 Slimy D.A. (1:41)
08 Breathless Comes On (2:53)
09 Meet The Blank (1:43)
10 The Story Unfolds (1:59)
11 Blank Gets The Goods (2:25)
12 Rooftops (2:01)
13 Tess' Theme – Reprise (1:16)
14 The Chase (2:56)
15 Showdown / Reunited (4:07)
16 Finale (0:58)
Unedited And Additional Original Score Cues
17 Main Title – Part 1** (1:08)
18 Main Title – Part 2** (2:25)
19 Flattop's Entrance** (0:34)
20 Tracy's Entrance (0:31)
21 Lips Gets Nailed (0:38)
22 And They're Off** (1:45)
23 Meet Big Boy** (0:33)
24 Lips Needs A Bath* (0:28)
25 Lips Needs A Bath (Alternate) (0:28)
26 Lips Gets A Bath** (0:54)
27 Walnuts (0:39)
28 Breathless Comes On** (1:19)
29 Crime Lab** (0:23)
30 Crime Lab (Alternate)* (0:14)
31 Kid Montage* (1:40)
32 Love One (1:15)
33 Breathless Again** (2:56)
34 Tracy Spies (0:24)
35 Spaldoni Go Boom (1:14)
36 Tracy Gets Nabbed (0:38)
37 Boiler Go Boom!* (Danny Elfman / Shirley Walker) (2:24)
Disc 2
Unedited And Additional Original Score Cues (Cont.)
01 Badge* (0:21)
02 Badge (Alternate)* (0:21)
03 Badge (Alternate 2)* (0:21)
04 Slimy D.A**. (1:43)
05 Peach Juice* (0:57)
06 Peach Juice II* (0:38)
07 Peach Juice II (Revised)* (0:38)
08 Peach Juice II (Alternate)** (Danny Elfman / Shirley Walker) (0:24)
09 Meet The Blank** (2:02)
10 Tess Farewell (Alternate) (1:07)
11 Bug Rescued** (1:41)
12 Bug Rescued (Alternate)** (1:41)
13 At The Dock (1:20)
14 Blank Gets The Goods** (1:49)
15 Tess Nabbed* (0:21)
16 Tess Nabbed (Alternate) (0:14)
17 Bait** (0:54)
18 Gasser** (0:57)
19 Fletcher Shot/Framed (1:35)
20 News Montage* (0:16)
21 Crime Spree Montage* (1:54)
22 Jail Cell (0:41)
23 Kid/Tracy Hits the Street (0:43)
24 Chief Gets A Call (0:29)
25 Tracy Finds Tess (A/B)** (0:46)
26 Tracy Finds Tess (A/B/C)** (1:55)
27 Tracy Finds Tess (A/B/C) (Revised)** (2:05)
28 Mine Enemy (Revised)** (0:57)
29 Rescue – Part I (0:22)
30 Rescue – Part II (0:15)
31 Rescue – Part III (0:15)
32 Rescue – Part IV/Rescue – Part V (0:57)
33 Blast Out (0:25)
34 Tracy To The Rescue II** (2:57)
35 Mano A Mano** (2:21)
36 Revealed / Reunited** (2:32)
37 Revealed / Reunited (Revised)* (2:29)
38 Finale (Revised)** (0:58)
39 Finale (Alternate) (0:58)
40 Finale* (1:08)
41 Breathless #1* (0:58)
42 Breathless #2* (0:48)
*Not featured in film.
**Includes music not featured in film.
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