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Conan The Barbarian (Complete) (3CD) (Basil Poledouris)

44.95 EUR  
  Conan The Barbarian (Complete) - Basil Poledouris - soundtrack (3CD)

Basil Poledouris

  Intrada Records MAF 7123 | Format CD | Year 1982

Conan, el bárbaro (Spain)
Conan el Bárbaro (Spain) (alternative title)
Conan il barbaro (Italy)
Conan le barbare (France)
Conan, der Barbar (West Germany)
Conan, le barbare (Canada) (French title)
Conan, o Bárbaro (Brazil)
Konan za gurêto (Japan)

At last! Complete soundtrack by Basil Poledouris to John Milius epic with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan, James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom, Sandahl Bergman as Valeria. Legendary music needs little introduction but long journey to 3-CD set warrants spotlight. Thought missing for decades, even by composer, Universal vaults reveal recently discovered 2" 24-track & 1/2" 3-track stereo session masters in mint condition for entire project, right down to rehearsal takes! (Assorted extra tracks on earlier Varese Sarabande release were made from composer's own incomplete 1/4" two-track copy.) Having complete multi-track session elements allows Intrada to newly mix and master everything, finding cool extras in the process! All of them are here! Poledouris originally scores main title with high trumpets joining horns on primary theme plus dynamic horn counter-melody playing in mid-section. Only one raw take is made before re-writes on podium create familiar final version. Other previously unreleased cues include rich version of "The Awakening" with lengthy never-before-heard woodwind bridge section dropped from final film version plus haunting early versions of "Orphans Of Doom", one scored for orchestra plus solo mezzo-soprano, one scored for chorus with harp alone. Three versions of opening prologue, alternate version of "Battle Of The Mounds Part II" add more fun! Original Poledouris music for snake sequence, savage "Pit Fights" are more highlights. Poledouris didn't write music for kitchen battle sequence as scene was scored editorially from other cues. For Conan purists, we have recreated entire sequence (including awkward edits) for this segment as well as for closing "End Credits", also created editorially in picture itself. Many of composer's unique percussion sequences were created through experimentation right at sessions, including size and pitch of tunable drums, volume of tam tams, density of rhythmic figures, so forth. It's all here! Poledouris was fond of his own 48-minute distillation of highlights from massive score so we have licensed that original 1982 MCA album from UMG as well, newly mastered from original album tapes. Two final extras: opening prologue with Mako narration plus actual mono tape master for film version of snake sequence preferred by director Milius. Fascinating, personalized notes by Nick Redman plus musical coverage by Douglass Fake give listener something to read, exciting graphic design by Joe Sikoryak featuring Schwarzenegger and other cast give listener something to look at. Primal intensity and crisp, vibrant details of original performances are without equal. Basil Poledouris conducts. MAF series 3-disc release!

- Intrada

  Track listing:

Disc 1
Complete Score
01 Prologue/Anvil Of Crom 3:39
02 Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom 5:40
03 Gift Of Fury 3:51
04 Column Of Sadness/Wheel Of Pain 4:10
05 Pit Fights 2:40 Hear This Track
06 The Discipline Of Steel/Freedom Council 1:38
07 Atlantean Sword 4:01
08 Warm Welcome 2:06
09 Wolf Witch 3:10
10 Theology/Civilization 3:14
11 Street Of Deviants 0:29
12 Hopefuls At The Tower Of Set 2:22
13 The Tower Of Set 5:38
14 The Snake/Infidels 2:01
15 The Tavern 1:14
16 Wifeing (Theme Of Love From "Conan The Barbarian") 2:11
17 Indulgence/Mettle 1:15
18 The Hall Of King Osric 1:18
19 The Leaving/The Search 5:58
Disc 2
Complete Score (Continued...)
01 The Mountain Of Power Procession 3:22
02 Capture 0:52
03 Tree Of Woe/Recovery 5:46
04 Warpaint 1:10
05 The Kitchen/The Orgy 6:30
06 The Defilers 5:16
07 Funeral Pyre 4:32
08 Battle Of The Mounds Part I 4:52
09 Battle Of The Mounds Part II 2:16
10 Battle Of The Mounds Part III (Revised)/Night Of Doom 5:36
11 Head Chop 0:57
12 Orphans Of Doom/The Awakening 5:33
13 Conan The King/End Title 5:28
The Extras
14 Prologue (First Version) 0:46
15 Anvil Of Crom (First Version) 2:31
16 The Tower Of Set Part 1 (First Version) 3:46
17 Battle Of The Mounds Part II (First Version) 2:16
18 Battle Of The Mounds Part III (First Version) 3:03
19 Orphans Of Doom (Orchestra and Solo Voice) 1:22
20 Orphans Of Doom (Chorus and Harp)/The Awakening (First Version) 6:45
21 "Las Cantigas De Santa Maria" (The Snake) 6:01
Disc 3
Original 1982 Soundtrack Album
01 Anvil Of Crom 2:35
02 Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom 5:38
03 Gift Of Fury 3:51
04 Wheel Of Pain 4:10
05 Atlantean Sword 3:51
06 Theology/Civilization 3:14
07 Wifeing (Theme Of Love From "Conan The Barbarian") 2:11
08 The Search 3:09
09 The Orgy 4:16
10 Funeral Pyre 4:30
11 Battle Of The Mounds 4:54
12 Orphans Of Doom/The Awakening 5:32
One Last Extra
13 Prologue (W/Narration)/Anvil Of Crom 3:39
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