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The Valley Of Gwangi (Jerome Moross)

32.95 EUR  
  The Valley Of Gwangi - Jerome Moross - soundtrack (CD)

Jerome Moross

  Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 405 | Format CD | Jahr 1969

Yes at last! Thrilling Jerome Moross soundtrack finally premieres complete on CD! Scoring elements for near-legendary music to 1969 cowboys vs. dinosaurs actioner with dazzling stop-motion effects by Ray Harryhausen have long been missing in action, landing album on wish lists going back half a century! Charles H. Schneer produces, James O'Connolly directs, James Franciscus stars with starring support from Gina Golan, Richard Carlson. Filmed in Dynamation with Harryhausen also serving as associate producer. After exhaustive search, suitable mono music elements were assembled including two rolls of session print takes on 1/4" tape plus numerous highlights preserved by composer and provided by daughter Susanna Moross-Tarjan as well as music-only tracks from D/M/E elements vaulted by Warner Bros. With audio restoration made by Chris Malone and Douglass Fake, entire score was finally available for presentation, free of dialog, including several unused alternates and bits not heard in finished film! Cool additional discovery: Various elements yielded every one of the "Breckenridge Wild West Show" source music as well, including an unused alternate version of Gina Golan's "Grand Finale Pt. I" cue, all composed and conducted by Moross at his sessions. For completists, both gypsy flamenco guitar source pieces by Ronald Harker appear in the extras as well. Even the Moross-scored music box theme for the Eohippus survives intact. Golly! 71 minutes of music in all! As was customary with Harryhausen pictures, numerous fantastic stop-motion creations inspired composers (famously Bernard Herrmann) to write colorful, fantastic music. Gwangi is no exception! But adding to the good vibes: a fantastical American-west setting which inspires legendary Americana composer Moross to offer rousing tribute to his own beloved western vernacular immortalized with The Big Country. As a result of two wildly diverse elements grounding the film - fantastic beasts vs. cowboys on horseback - Moross gets opportunity to write thrilling monster-style action music AND sturdy outdoor western music… for the same movie! Highlights abound for both: "Pterodactyl" is jagged, violent orchestral showpiece, "The Capture Of Gwangi Pt. I" is nearly 8-minute tour-de-force with emphasis on brass - note the trombones! On the other side are rhythmic western set pieces anchored by "Gwangi Main Title". Here Moross grounds everything with his trademark low strings & brass rhythmic punctuation under wide open-spaced theme for trumpets. In classic Moross style, no filler harmonies are needed: theme plays lean and mean without harmonization while aggressive rhythmic parts provide all the harmony necessary. Ditto rowdy lasso-time round-up music for "The Eohippus Escapes". Fabulous signature sounds! Handsome booklet designed by Kay Marshall includes fabulous original Frank McCarthy poster campaign on cover plus detailed notes by fantasy-film authority Jeff Bond, detailed cue assembly details with slates, accurate cue sheet titles and array of color stills, all courtesy of Warner Bros. and WaterTower Music. Dream-come-true for Harryhausen fans, western movie score fans, monster-movie score fans… and anyone in between! Soundtrack recorded in London, Gary Hughes orchestrates, Jerome Moross conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

- Intrada


01 The Landscape (0:59)
02 Gwangi Main Title (Revised) (2:21)
03 The Professor (0:25)
04 The Bull Ring (0:15)
05 Lope And The Bull (0:57)
06 Night In The Valley No. 1 (1:34)
07 Music Box (0:56)
08 The Eohippus Theft (0:41)
09 The Fleeing Gypsies (1:01)
10 The Forbidden Valley (1:24)
11 The Eohippus Escapes (1:32)
12 Pterodactyl (Revised) (4:51)
13 The Ornithomimus (1:23)
14 Gwangi (1:24)
15 Night In The Valley No. 2 (2:05)
16 The Capture Of Gwangi Pt. I (7:41)
17 The Capture Of Gwangi Pt. II (1:56)
18 Gwangi Enchained (1:52)
19 The Gypsy Curse/Grand Finale Pt. II (1:19)
20 Gwangi's Fanfare (0:14)
21 Gwangi Escapes (2:13)
22 The Capture Of Gwangi No. 2 (1:08)
23 Gwangi At The Cathedral (0:55)
24 The Death Of Gwangi & End Credits (3:02)
Additional Score and Alternates
25 Gwangi Main Title (Original) (2:19)
26 Pterodactyl (Original) (4:00)
27 The Capture Of Gwangi (Section 1 Alternate) (2:49)
28 The Capture Of Gwangi (Section 2 Alternate) (1:55)
29 Dissonant Organ Chord (0:37)
30 Gypsy Flamenco (Ronald Harker) (0:55)
31 Gypsy Guitar (Ronald Harker) (1:25)
Breckenridge Wild West Show Music (Jerome Moross)
32 Entrance March No. 1 (2:49)
33 Cowboys And Indians (1:15)
34 T.J.'s Act (1:03)
35 Grand Finale Pt. I (Original) (1:38)
36 Grand Finale Pt. I (Revised) (2:03)
37 Grand Finale Pt. I (Second Part) (0:08)
38 T.J.'s Exit I (1:00)
39 Entrance March No. 2 (2:15)
40 Elephant Polka (0:49)
41 Fanfare (0:13)
42 Gwangi's Act (0:06)
43 T.J.'s Exit II (0:52)
44 Gwangi End Credits (0:46)
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Jerome Moross
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